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Large Clinics and Their Satellites Working in Small Town USA

April 22nd, 2022

Doctors, insurances companies, and of course politicians say they have the answer to everyone’s healthcare woes. The simplistic bottom line is that the disadvantaged people of the United States need to receive healthcare. How this is made possible is important but not as important as the need. Where can someone go to receive quality care? In the small towns throughout the country you would think the answer would lie in the local clinic and hospital. Yet, most small towns no longer have a hospital, and the clinics in the small towns are operated by a larger clinic which uses the small town clinic as a satellite clinic. Therefore, proper care for people falls onto to the shoulders of the large medical organizations who operate the small satellite clinics of small town America.

We see the large medical organizations well represented in the Midwest. For example, Mayo Clinic is the dominant medical force of Minnesota, especially in the southern part of the state. You will not find a Coal City Illinois hospital because the town is not big enough to support a hospital, but the people of this town south of Chicago are still receiving good care from a larger clinic in the area.

People from the rural areas outside of Chicago have the opportunity to receive outstanding heart bypass surgery. This is because they can be initially treated in the comfort of a local clinic and then referred to world class heart surgeons closer to the city. This allows the patient to receive personal care while be in some of the finest hands in the nation.

Major surgery is one area where all people deserve the professional and personal touch a large clinic with small satellite clinics can offer. Home healthcare is another. With the shortage of healthcare professionals home health care in Illinois can be difficult to secure. But, this does not have to be the case if a patient wisely chooses the care of the medical organization with a base clinic and satellite clinics. The size of the organization will help the patient secure the personal home healthcare he or she needs.